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Why digital marketing was a game changer in 2019

[PRESS OFFICE] The Merriam Webster Dictionary offers the following definition of ‘game changer’ as “a newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way”.

In other words, a game changer is something or someone that introduces radical change.
Digital marketing fits the description of a game changer as it has revolutionised the face of marketing and has brought small-to-medium enterprises (SMMEs) and start-up businesses the ability to market their companies in the same way that big business does.

In fact, digital marketing is more effective than traditional marketing – such as in the form of magazine or newspaper adverts– as the former type of marketing allows you the ability to measure how effective your advertising is and where you should be allocating more of your marketing spend.

The power of digital
To see the power that digital marketing – in particular social media – has on countries and nations, you just need to look at the Rugby World Cup 2019, specifically the final which happened at the beginning of November.

When the Springboks won the final, people erupted on social media, expressing their pride in their national team using the hashtags #gobokke and #rwc2019. “Even traditional media outlets, such as television channel ITV Rugby,” remarked Lisa Schneider: managing director at the Digital School of Marketing, “brought cameras into the Springboks’ dressing room and filmed Prince Harry congratulating the Boks. It went viral on social media and made all South Africans proud of their boys in green.”

Social media and digital marketing brings out the soul of a brand. It allows people to become more engaged with brands and fall in love with them so that they become passionate brand advocates. To carry on with the rugby metaphor, when the South African rugby team arrived back from Japan, Gautrain offered people free rides to OR Tambo International Airport to welcome the team home – as long as they were wearing their Springbok jerseys. And people in their droves took advantage of this offer to welcome the team home simply because they were emotionally invested in what the team had accomplished.

Digital marketing into 2020
In 2019, digital marketing was without a doubt a game-changer. However, this is just the beginning. “Think about digital marketing ….

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