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Offline and Online Marketing Tools Explained

Marketing tools have almost become synonymous with marketing applications in 2019, while in truth, they are not the definition, but rather a very important part of marketing as a whole. It is important to have a clear understanding about the separate, broad categories in which all marketing tools are divided, since it helps to have a categorical knowledge of the different processes available, while planning a specific marketing campaign. Here is a short guide to help break down the differences.

Traditional Marketing Tools
Every offline marketing tool can essentially be categorized as a traditional tool for promotional campaigns. This includes, but may not be limited to the following:

TV slots
Radio slots
Direct mail
Telephone directories
Sign spinning, costumed mascots, etc.

Digital Marketing Tools
As far as modern marketing is concerned, digital marketing tools are considered to be the most important ones of them all, especially for start-ups, online businesses and SMEs in general. Larger corporations have both offline and online branding campaigns going on all the time, but even they have started to cut costs and lean more towards digital marketing.

Now, these can be divided into multiple sub-categories as well, which would primarily include social media marketing tools, email marketing tools, collaboration tools, CRM systems and app integration/syncing software. However, the list of available options for each and every type of marketing application is huge and overwhelming to say the least!

It’s very difficult to find the best ones without expert help, so check out this list that has 10 of the best sales & marketing tech stacks currently available in 2019. This helpful, concise list is compiled by PieSync, who themselves offer one of the most comprehensive marketing and sales app syncing software in digital marketing as a whole. Whatever applications you might be using now or in the future, PieSync most likely supports two-way syncing for that already!

Promotional Marketing: Online and Offline
This could have easily been included in the traditional marketing category, but promotional marketing is not exclusive to online or offline marketing, therefore, it deserves a separate category of its own. The following should serve to provide you with a clear idea regarding what tools qualify as promotional marketing tools in both online and offline marketing campaigns:

Contests, giveaways, interactive posts and ads
Special occasion bonuses and exclusive rewards; Christmas discounts, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.
Business cards, press kits, brochures, stickers, pamphlets, merchandising, etc.
Corporate gifts, online/offline gift cards, branded gifts, etc.
Which Set of Marketing Tools are the Most Effective?
In case you are wondering which one is the most effective group of marketing tools right now, there is no clear or definite answer here. It all depends on numerous factors such as the location, nature, scope, scale, budget, content and so on.

Full details are available from the link below:

Source URL: Digital Marketing - Bing News

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