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Google Shopping Ads in Gmail

On this week’s episode of Marketing O’Clock, we’re talking about a new placement for Google shopping ads, new guidelines for video ads from Chrome, a review hub for restaurants on TripAdvisor, and how to create traffic jam with one little red wagon.

Join Jess Budde, Greg Finn, and Christine “Shep” Zirnheld as they cover these digital marketing news stories:

New features added to Microsoft Shopping campaigns  

Updates include a new list view that allows you to see all product groups at the account and campaign levels, bulk bid editing, new performance metrics, and script support for shopping campaigns.

Disruptive video ads join Chrome’s block party

Chrome will block ads from any site that does not comply with its new video ad guidelines. Shep tells you the exact stipulations and when this will be enforced.

Shopping ads are coming to your inbox

Google shopping ads will be eligible to appear on Gmail beginning in March 2020. Greg tells you all the angles of this breaking news and how to opt-out if necessary.

Facebook Messenger launches notification API

Users will be able to opt-in to one-time notifications from businesses on Facebook messenger. Jess gives you all the details.

TripAdvisor review hub

Restaurants can subscribe to see & reply to user reviews from multiple sites all in one place.

This week’s take of the week comes from Kirk Williams, who questions if Google is looking out for the best interests of advertisers.

Then we answer your marketing questions during our lightning round:

  • Who were the winners and losers of the January 2020 core update?
  • What is Quora doing to make it easier to track conversions?
  • When will Facebook shut down mobile web placements for their Audience Network?
  • Where is Twitter changing the look of conversations?
  • Why don’t people trust news from social media?
  • How much did Amazon’s ad business grow in 2019?

Plus, we’ll give you all our thoughts on Bitmoji TV, Baby Nut, an exciting virtual gathering for spreadsheet aficionados, and much more nonsense!

For more information on this week’s stories, visit the Marketing O’Clock site. While you’re there, please be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode!

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