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6 key tips to consider when creating a video marketing strategy

The popularity of video has risen by 72% among marketers and this type of content engages audiences, so what do you need to know about video marketing?
The world is getting faster, which means few people have time or patience to read lengthy featured pieces or product reviews. Instead, the majority of online audiences today prefer to watch a video on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram than reading lengthy content, allowing them to get all the information they need with as little resistance as possible.

In 2018, the popularity of pre-produced videos rose by 72% among marketers, bringing this type of digital content to the third position. Experts predict that this number will increase even more in the future.

No matter if you have a developing or an already successful business, you need to consider a bulletproof video marketing strategy to keep growing your business. Here are six key things you need to consider when doing so.

1. Determine who your target audience is
Before you even think about a video marketing strategy, you need to decide who your target audience is. Who do you want watching your videos and taking action after that?

in order to define your target audience, you need to find out what they like, dislike, need, dream about, and what their pain points are.

This way, you will be able to create video content that is relatable, actionable, and hits the right buttons.

2. Define video marketing goals
In order to achieve something tangible with your video marketing strategy and know whether you’ve succeeded or not, you need to have clear goals that you move towards.

For example, some of the most common goals that you can put on your list include:

Increasing brand awareness.
Generate more demand and conversions.
Improve viewer engagement.
Increase business revenues.
Grow your email list.
Capturing Google Answer Boxes
These are just some ideas to help you to start thinking in the right direction. However, the ultimate goals are different for every establishment.

3. Set your video budget
Even though it’s clear how important video content is for the success of your business, it is not so important that you put all of your money towards producing videos.

Before you set out to create your first clip, you should set a budget that you can comfortably work with. To set a budget, you need to consider who will make your videos and what types of videos you want to make.

In the end, you want to have a good ROI which is not going to be possible if you spend more than you can realistically get out of your videos.

4. Figure out how to produce videos
Figuring out how to produce videos largely depends on how much money you plan to allocate to your video marketing strategy.

If you intend to make videos frequently, such as several times a week or even daily, you might consider hiring an in-house videographer or a video production team.

If you only plan to create several videos a month, then you can consider hiring freelancers and avoid additional costs of having more full-time employees.

5. Decide what types of videos to make
The type of videos you choose to create and upload can make or break your video marketing campaign. If the videos you make do not connect well to your audience, all of your efforts will be in vain.

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